Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Finale

Moniece and Rich are having lunch together and she lets us know that she doesn’t know what she was thinking asking Fizz if he had feelings because she realizes that Rich is the man for her and she is in love with him and will focus on him. Moniece forever extra says that the next […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Season 2 Episode 11

The episode starts with Fizz and Moniece on good terms with co-parenting and shopping for clothes for their son as he goes into kindergarten. Fizz decides to do something nice for Moniece and offers her the opportunity to be the featured girl in his video (which Nicki was supposed to do but declined because she […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 7

We pick up on Amber still picking herself up from the news from Miles. She tells her sister that she can’t get mad at him for his sexual preference. She tells her family that she feels she needs to call Miles to see what else he has to say. She asks him what else he […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 5

Moniece is hiking with her mom and her mom tells her that she has to be honest with her about them hurting each other and how they should mention what they did so they can move on. Her mom who looks fantastic by the way, tells her that she needs to work on herself and […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 4

We continue with the fake filled drama with Brandi acting a fool at the studio and yelling at the girls there. She whips out a ring and says this is why they don’t know he is married because he has refused to wear his wedding ring. She feels like she is vindicated of her “crazy” […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 3

Teairra is saying she is in the middle and stuck between Ray and the girl who took him from him(huh?) somehow she makes a connection to a friend she needs to reach out to and we see she is meeting up with Hazel. Hazel says she needs to put the rumors about Teairra and Berg […]

My Guilty Pleasure – Twinning

You betcha it’s a reality show. Twinning is a show that consists of 12 sets of identical (codependent) twins who reside in a (ware)house that is split into two. The green house and the blue house (as seen above). The twins aren’t able to see each other (even though they can hear each other through […]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 1

We return for the second season with Moniece, Apryl and Teairra Mari on the beach being served champagne by a 6-packed man. They goad Moniece into telling them who she is dating and she says that she is seeing someone but he will remain nameless till he comes into town but she is in love […]

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 10

Karlie and Erica are meeting up for manis. Karlie asks Erica about O’Shay and Erica tells her about how his financial difficulties were an issue and how they are over. She also tells her that Mimi told her that Althea or Ho-thea as everyone else calls her, was at Stevie’s house in just a towel […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 5

So remember how last week’s episode ended with Karlie Redd giving Young Joc’s realtor/sidepiece a smack down with her purse? Well…we pick up from there, home chick had climbed on top of Karli Redd. Joc runs in and Karlie tells him to “check his ho”. Joc goes off on a tangent saying “he made a […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Episode 1

After what felt like forever, our favorite ratchet show returned for another anticipated season especially since the debut of Mimi and Niko’s snoozefest of a sextape. The season started with a view of Stevie J’s 18,000 sq ft house that he calls the White House, with him tinkering on the piano keys. We are shown […]

Love and Hip Hop New York: Season 4 Episode 2

We pick up where we left off with Rich and Amina and the alleged marriage. Gunz comes back and Amina accuses him of not telling Rich that he married her. Gunz gets pissed and says for her not to keep that info to herself,is wrong on her part and that she wasn’t supposed to tell […]