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R&B Divas LA: Season 2 Episode 2

R&B Divas LA: Season 2 Episode 2 

This episode involved Chante, Lil Mo, Chrisette, and Leela James for the most part. Michel’le filmed the PSA and we saw her breakdown while reading her script. Lil Mo tells her kids that she and her husband are getting a divorce and we see their reaction to the news.  Divorce isn’t easy on the parents and it’s even harder on the kids so it’s nice that she took the time to let the kids know what was happening and gave the kids a chance to express how they felt.

Chante asked Mo, Chrisette and Leela to sing on one of her tracks titled “I know….. right”. In the initial meeting, the ladies were made to believe that they would be co-writing the song with her but when they got to the studio, they found out that they would basically be singing back up for Chante. Initially, none of the ladies spoke up until Chrisette mentioned her discomfort at the misunderstanding of their roles on the song. I think that these are very accomplished women in their own right and Chante should have been up front with them from the beginning. The ladies cleared it up and said they were cool but the recording session was pretty awkward and Chante eventually called it a night.

I find it odd that Michel’le and Claudette were not invited to sing on the track, especially Claudette given that she invited all the ladies to take part in her project. In the spirit of sisterhood all the ladies should have been asked to sing on the track, you know….. right? This may be the episode where the “sisterhood” begins to unravel…… we’ll keep watching.

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