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The Fall of E! News

The Fall of E! News 

Once upon a time, I abandoned all other entertainment news shows (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood etc) and crowned E! News as my favorite and stuck to that. It being an hour was an added bonus. Guiliana Rancic not withstanding, it was still really entertaining. They had actual entertainment news, substantial interviews with celebs promoting their movies and behind the scenes industry news and fun facts that a pop-culture-0-phile like myself enjoyed. In the last year or so – and I really don’t want to say it is coincidental with when Guiliana left – the show has just become kind of a joke.

So, in spite of the many host changes where they cleaned house and seemed to bring in a bunch of notably younger hosts, I don’t think that is to blame for what this show has become. It looks like they simply lack material now. I dare you to watch an episode of E! that doesn’t mention a Kardashian or Jenner. Considering yes, it is a sister show on the same network and has been for years, why have they suddenly made it a mandatory duty to mention them?

Besides the Kardashians, the show has basically become a marketplace to sell the reality shows on E! and their sister networks which includes Bravo which means Housewives galore. So instead of telling us actual news, we have to listen to a housewife spewing “insight” or 1000 interviews of Mariah Carey saying “dahling” and a bunch of gibberish. I am still trying to figure out what deal Coco (Ice-T’s wife) has with E! because every day I kid you not, we get a news story on her and/or her baby. What does she even do?

I watched a red carpet interview on Friday with Justin Timberlake and watched the same damn thing on Monday. I was in shock. Who produced this and is okay with it? To continue in the repetitive format, they started this new thing called a roundup where Ken Baker recycles everything they have talked about in the hour all over again. They also sure to have some ridiculous countdown on something. Sigh.

I probably should have looked up their ratings before writing this to see if they are riding high and I am all by my lonesome in this thought. I can’t even tell them to fix up but it’s quite a shame that it has become what it is now.

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