Top Earning Hispanic Male Actors

April 16, 2017
/   Movies

As minorities continue to fight for a place in Hollywood, studios keep coming back with the response that they don’t sell movie tickets (even as their white counterparts continue to bomb and continue to...

Who is Ricardo Antonio Chivara?

/   TV

You probably know who he is because he is not exactly unknown especially if you watched Desperate Housewives. He is best known for playing Gabriel Solis’s husband, Carlos. After Desperate Housewives went off the...

Highest Paid TV Hosts – Reality TV/Shows/News

April 5, 2017
/   TV

The final installment of TV salaries is here. This time for TV hosts of various formats. Their listed salaries are their estimated annual take home. Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) – $47 million Matt Lauer...

Highest Paid TV Actors – Drama

/   TV

I just posted a list of the highest paid tv actors in comedy (per episode) which you can see here. As promised, here is the second of the three installments. Lauren Graham and Alexis...

Highest Paid TV Actors – Comedy

March 25, 2017
/   TV

We already know celebs make all the money. As more movie stars join the TV world, salaries have gone up to accommodate their status. Okay, besides accommodation salaries have seen a little bump and...