My Thoughts on La La Land

January 12, 2017
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La La Land is a romantic musical drama that tells the story of an aspiring actress, Mia (Stone) and an aspiring jazz musician, Sebastian (Gosling) who meet in Los Angeles, fall in love and...

Here’s to Sterling K. Brown!!

I’d love to say I am one of those people who knew Sterling K. from waaay back and now I am so glad for his recent string of successes but nah. In fact, it...

What’s Streaming on Netflix – January 2017

January 2, 2017
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Happy New Year! Here’s is what you can expect to find in the streaming section of Netflix this month. Hope you find something to watch. For me, I am looking forward to two documentaries...

The Unfairness of Hollywood?

December 19, 2016
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Earlier in the year, “Birth of a Nation” was the golden egg. It was going to break through the #Oscarssowhite wall and Nate Parker was going to be a bonafide star. Fast forward to...