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  1. Mgbeke

    Oh oh, see my family members:
    My sis Solange repping! Laaav this woman.
    My aunty Jilly from Philly looks amazing.
    My other aunt Kelis, is looking a hot ass mess.

    Estelle looks really nice. I like her outfit. Meanwoos, I almost didn’t recognize Dawn Richards.

    And this Jessica White chick is looking like a total fail. I’ve never gotten her appeal.

  2. Vivi

    I laughed for a good 5 minutes seeing Jesse Williams and his getup. Where the hell was he going to with that outfit, though? Clearly, not the Essence Black Women in Music Event. I refuse to believe he wore that to this event. Refuse. OMWord. I can’t stop laughing. He looks like a little kid. HAHAAHA!

    Um…did Dawn Richards undergo cosmetic surgery? Cause that’s not the Dawn Richards I know of the Danity Kane/Dirty Money fame. Nah.

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