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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: S2 Episode 1 

So our favorite ratchet show returned today with a season 2 premiere and after a lack luster season from their New York counterparts, LAHH fans were eagerly awaiting this and it did not dissapoint.

The episode started with a contrived dramatic scene with rain falling and pouring on the streets, appropriate dramatic music(Bridget Kelly – Special Delivery) was playing in the background, camera showing us as the rain hit the leaves and what looked like a guard rail but it was all a big set up to..Mimi taking a shower :/. Umm okay. Anyways, it cuts to her confessionals and per usual she is singing her [Stevie] emancipation war cries, saying how her life has changed in the past year, best is yet to co…zzzz. I woke up just in time because, oh’s Stevie J on the bed playing with their daughter. Mimi gives a lame ass explanation of picking up her daughter late in Stevie’s sister and deciding to crash instead. Cut back to the bedroom and Mimi and Stevie decide to have a Joselyn convo right in front of their daughter. Mimi is mad that Joselyn lives in the house with Stevie and Stevie explains that he and Joselyn are “making money/moves together’ which at this point I have concluded is code for something else that involves their bodies making moves together, if you catch my drift.

The scene cuts to one of the most confusing couples – Erica (who seems to have lost some weight, with her gorgeous cheekbones in tow) and Scrappy. Erica is trying to get him to get on a budget but all that is irrelevant as the (arguable) star of the show, Joselyn is shown rehearsing and Stevie comes to talk to her about “crossing the line” and mentioning his daughter so she has to be “dealt with” – his words. This is the man, two women are fighting over. I don’t get it.

Shay/Buckey has found a spot on the show by feigning to [still] have feelings for Scrappy. She pays a visit to Cruella DeVille, oops sorry I mean Mama Scrappy. Shay says she is confused and visits the “one person that can shed some light” – not Scrappy himself but, his mom. Mama Scrappy is not happy about the Erica/Scrappy union and this convo goes like this:

Mama Scrappy: Do you still love him?

Shay: It don’t go away overnight

Mama Scrappy: Never give up on you. You are a warrior. Life has a way of working itself out. Sometimes you need to know when to hold or fold. This is my job. Change is coming.

Now Mama Scrappy was really feeling like some character in Game of Thrones or something but then with an evil glint in her eye, Mama Scrappy took a sip of her red wine..with a straw.



I’d be lying if I said that didn’t crack me up.

Anyway’s we move on to Madam K Michelle, who is always on level 100 with her special accent, telling a record exec how it takes a special person to be in her life because “she is a cross between Fergie and Jesus” *screech, hol’ up* say what? What does that mean? Scene changes to Erica and her mom appraising her ring and why am I just noticing that Erica’s mom name is Mignon. Like Filet Mignon – Mona Scott struck gold with these people. In case you missed it, the ring cost $21, 200. That seemed to make Mama Mignon happy.

Scrappy must have forgotten Erica put him on a budget cuz next we see him shopping with his mom, listening to her express her displeasure. He handled her well but what the heck is up with his expressions, his eyes always look like he is about to Hulk Smash or something.

The final scene is a showdown between Stevie and his two women. Mimi is doing dishes as Stevie reads…an oversize catalog? Earlier, Joselyn had said Stevie treats her like a prostitute and she sure did roll up into the house with an outfit, Julia Roberts would definitely have worn as a prostitute in Pretty Woman, she calls Mimi “Molly the Maid” which elicited a laugh from me and led to Mimi screaming, pouring water and biting Stevie because he didn’t defend her. The camera men had to intervene and that was it for Season 2.

I was thoroughly entertained. I have to say I am Team Joselyn on this one. Scripted show or not, clearly Mimi doesn’t care if she comes off as a fool and it’s getting old. Why does Stevie not have his own place?? It was his sister’s place, right? Did you watch it? What did you think?

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  1. mpb

    I did not watch it but I can’t imagine the show was any bit more “entertayning” than your awesome synopsis of it. You cracked me the hell up. Can we just hope that maybe Mignon (chei!) is drinking juice in a wine glass or something? Honestly if Mimi is still cutting Steebie (project Joselyn’s voice) slack then she deserves whatever….

  2. mpb

    oooh I also came to see if you did an article about Rihanna, cos I just read about her breaking the billboard record for most number 1 pop songs and it got me wondering is Beyonce really all that or has Rihanna surpassed her in popularity???? I think you should do an article comparing the 2 ladies 🙂

  3. Original Mgbeke

    Okay these recaps are definitely hilarious. That screen shot of Mama Dee paired with your recap of the scene had me rolling. Plix where did Scrappy find $21k for a ring? I fizznaeezy! I didn’t watch all of ep 1 but caught the Molly the maid scene. LOL, Joselyn is just reckless.

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