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My thoughts on “The Perfect Guy”

My thoughts on “The Perfect Guy” 

“The Perfect Guy” is a movie that begins with introducing us to seemingly great couple Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) and David King (Morris Chestnut) who break up because David isn’t ready to fulfill her wishes of getting married and starting a family after 2 years of dating. She meets Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy) two months later and the two get into a quick whirlwind romance, so much so that she introduces him to her friends and takes him home to meet her parents, something she never did with David. They all give a stamp of approval and everything is going well till the trip back from visiting her parents when Carter beats up a man so badly because he thought he was hitting on her. She sees a different side of him, decides to break it off with him and so starts the stalking and psycho behavior from Carter that lays the premise of this movie.

Oy. First of all, props to the person who was able to convince a studio head that this should make it to theaters instead of straight to Lifetime because I am pretty sure I have seen cable movies better than this. It really was so basic and so elementary. A 10 year old could have predicted the storyline. A coworker had told me that there was some twist at the end of the movie, so I kept holding on to that waiting for this twist and conjuring up all sorts of things of what it could be. Let’s just say my coworker is going to be hearing an earful cuz I have no idea what she was talking about.

I would say that the movie did play up the thrilling parts of the movie well and had you at the edge of your seats in some parts but that’s probably because I am squeamish. It’s quite a bit sad sometimes seeing actors like Sanaa Lathan in mediocre showings like this because you know she can do better. On a side note, because the movie was so mundane, I had enough time to notice that Michael Ealy’s head is indeed shaped like a question mark and Sanaa Lathan wore the same pair of shoes to like 3 different events (which I guess is realistic?)

Umm, yea I have nothing else to say about this movie. Save yourself the money. Wait for Netflix or Redbox and watch it with good friends so you can give commentary and laugh. It’ll make for a fun time.

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