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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 3

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 3 

Teairra is saying she is in the middle and stuck between Ray and the girl who took him from him(huh?) somehow she makes a connection to a friend she needs to reach out to and we see she is meeting up with Hazel. Hazel says she needs to put the rumors about Teairra and Berg to bed. Teairra tells her she is crazy to think it happened. Hazel says she doesn’t believe her and doesn’t think Teairra will ever admit it but it irks her that she won’t own up to her shit. Teairra seems a tad defensive as her voice goes up many octaves but somehow they go from yelling to calm conversation apologizing to each other and Teairra apologizing for how she befriended Berg. Hazel, ever desperate for love accepts and agrees to move forward.

Ray says that he always calls Lil B whenever he is tripped up by crazy women. Lil B is a singer; rapper (shaped funny) married to alleged uber producer, Max Lux and god daughter to Whitney Houston. The two meet in a park and we see that Lil B can be quite extra in her confessionals. She expresses surprise at Princess and Teairra hanging out. Somehow the convo switches to Lil B’s husband, Max and how Lil B is anxious whenever he hangs with Ray. She says he has been good for a long time (implying as usual he has cheated and she stayed) and she gets nervous because if he slips up again she is not sure how it will be and Ray tells her she needs to calm down.

Soulja Boy is shooting a video and Nas rolls up to his set all ready for battle and  coming at him with “Isn’t he going to hug her?” She is like we need to talk, I am confused as to how they were together 2 weeks ago and now it’s like nothing. Soulja tells her that she is in violation and they wouldn’t be in this situation if she had acted right. He says he had sex with her, so what? I gotta say the girl looked quite dumb. Soulja ends the convo and she walks away angry.

Lil Fizz continues his I am single storyline. We see him at a model’s shoot to pick up his key. He went out of town and let the model stay in his place. Kamiah the model tells us how things are going well and he met her mom and hanging out with his son then he tells us that he hopes she is willing to keep things casual. We meet this alleged hot producer, Max Lux who tells us he has produced for Lil Kim…k. He tells her that he is going to the studio and Lil B flips and asks him to call her every 4 hours and she gets on his case and gets all crunk. He tells us there was cheating some years ago and she went crazy including hiding in a trunk. Sigh…

Nia is meeting up with Apryl and her friend in town who lives in Chicago. They are going over what happened at the park. Nia says she will have a convo with Soulja’s side piece, Nas just to tell her that she is delusional because at the end of the day it is her and Soulja. Hazel and Milan are hanging out and she updates him on her meeting with Teairra and he updates her on his broken record issue with Miles and says she suspects he is cheating and once again declares he is out if Miles isn’t going to come out and be proud.

Fizz complains that Kamiah completely changed his house and moved in way more stuff than he expected and as a person with OCD he says her belongings messed up his flow. Nia is meeting up with Nas and she says she ended up with Soulja because Nia slept with 2 guys she was dating. Nia tells her to let it go and Nas says she has but Soulja keeps coming back to her and of course Nia tells her that she is lying. Nia picks up a glass of water and throws it at Nas and security quickly steps in and separates them. They continue to hurl insults at each other in the parking lot.

Lil B and Nikki are shopping and Lil B is still ranting about her mistrust of her husband and this time she is going on about her husband not wearing his wedding ring. And naturally, her solution is to find a black car and Nikki tells her that she has binoculars. Fizz is boxing with Omarion and he tells them about what Kamiah did. When he tells them he offered her 2 drawers for her stuff, Omarion laughs at him and asks him how he didn’t think it would escalate. He decides to have a conversation with her as it seems they are in two different spaces.

Zzzzzz….the Miles and Milan story continues. Miles comes to see Milan and they continue the same damn conversation. Fizz invites Kamiah rock climbing to tell her that he really likes her but she is not looking for something exclusive. He refers to her as appetizers and he isn’t ready for the main course. Kamiah doesn’t take it well and decides not to continue dating Fizz. Lil B and Nikki roll up in the car to catch her husband in God knows what. She goes through different studios before finding the one that her husband and Ray are in. In what looks like a staged scene she busts in on the men fake dancing and schmoozing ladies. And so ends the episode.


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