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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 4

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 4 

The episode opens with Scrappy in a jewelry store shopping for…actually I don’t know what for, but for a man who hasn’t had a hit record in God knows how long and whose fiancee put him on a budget, Scrappy sure does a lot of shopping. He is meeting his mom there to discuss what went down at the Ratchet Supper. Before she arrives he explains how he and Erica have 3 day breakups before getting back together. Mama Dee the amazon warrior arrives trying to make her point about Erica being disrespectful. Scrappy tries to calm her down and let her know that everyone has a breaking point and it was an accumulation of everything that had happened in the last few years and at least she didn’t call her out her name. Mama Beast says that doesn’t make it okay and calls her a bitch. Scrappy says she needs to check herself and she leaves and I finally figure out what Scrappy was shopping for cuz he raised it to the light and…it was a watch! mystery solved. Oh before I forget, last week I thought “piznayee” meant part but this week I learned it could also mean pee. I live and learn every week.

K Michelle and Mimi are hanging out at K’s apartment and K must have just got a new dye job, cuz her hair was dyed the color of Ronald McDonald and her edges seemed to have been painted on by a paintbrush cuz it was almost to her eyes. Anyways, she is explaining to Mimi how she feels her “hot pocket” is broken because it doesn’t work unless she has some Jack Daniels in her system. She explains that her last boyfriend’s “tools” was too big and he probably destroyed her (for those of you that are curious, it seems the last person she dated was basket ball player, JR Smith. So it may or may not be him). Mimi tells her she still has feelings and nothing is wrong with her “box”. Mimi also reveals that she met someone and she is very happy.

Erica and Scrappy meet to talk and she says every time they get into an argument, Scrappy asks for the ring back and that’s cool but what she can’t get over is Scrappy choosing his mom over her. She tells him that she wants to pump the brakes on their relationship till she feels he has her back. We see Drew bring Tracy to see the space for his boutique business idea and I thought of a drinking game where you take a shot everytime Tracy mentions “groupies”. She is impressed with the space and decides to give Drew the money. Drew makes a comment “I have always given her her money back everytime she’s invested in me” which implies Tracy has done this before. Ok then.

Ok so we see Joseline roaming the streets of ATL. I am sure it wasn’t to relive her old days but I am not sure why she was walking the streets at night. 2 episodes again she claimed she wasn’t a prostitute but Stevie sure rolled up and picked her up as if she was one. At first, I was so excited thinking Stevie finally owned a car and was driving but nope they were being chauffeured and I was disappointed cuz it seemed to be another Mona Scott/VH1 sponsored thing. humph! Anyways, Joseline lays all her frustrations out and tells Stevie he needs to sort himself out both in their personal and business relationships. Stevie says “Do you wanna love me, do you want me to love you back or do you want me to work?” I blinked and next thing I saw was them kissing.

Scrappy needed engagement/marriage advice and reached out to Kirk [Rasheeda’s husband] and where else to meet but the strip club – I am baffled at the choice locations of this show. These dudes were clearly missing the 90’s cuz Scrappy had his bandanna all tied on his head 2Pac style and Kirk, probably still trying to prove K Michelle wrong had his baseball cap turned backwards to match his plaid shirt:/ We are blessed with a post coital scene between Joseline and Stevie and once again a perfect time to tell Stevie that Benzino claimed to have had sex with her. Kirk goes to talk to K Michelle, he approached her all calm and normal and the usual she goes off on Level 5000. If she was on mute, I would have thought she caught the spirit and was clapping and yelling but no she was basically yelling at Kirk and his “lesbian relationship” with Rasheeda, asked him why he would approach him with his press on nails and pms to her. Dude leaves and Krazy Michelle sets fire to the rain on the piano and sings insults about Rasheeda. At least, she plays the piano?

Stevie confronts Benzino with Joseline in tow. Once again location choice – this time it was in a garage that seemed to have been rained on. Like I said, I am convinced these people have “business” or “money making” as a code word for something because that was Benzino’s reason for texting her at 6am. He says why would he want to sleep with a prostitute and Stevie’s defense of her was “that’s what she was”. sigh. The good news is after Stevie and Benzino decide to not be friends, he and Joseline storm off in a car that he is driving. Yay! For the record, I do believe Benzino was lying. Krazy Michelle really does go to the doctor to make sure her “hooha” wasn’t broken wasting the poor doctor’s time. He assures her she is fine and to try E-Harmony. Someone buy the doctor a drink. Oh she mentioned she had Obama fantasies, I wonder if Michelle Obama saw that and fantasized about cutting a bitch. The show ends with annoying Tracy showing up unannounced at Drew’s house to give him a check, she’s suspicious when he doesn’t let her in. She forces her way in and gets mad that he has a “guest” over. She proceeds to bark her frustrations at him, calls the guest a bitch and storms off. Drew runs out after her, or rather runs after the check in her hand. Even funnier, the “groupie of the day” came out on the patio to watch them argue. That was hilarious to me. She tears it up and goes into a rant about not choosing to be a baby mama and all he does affects her and their son..yawn. Umm, heifer who lay and chose to have unprotected sex with someone who didn’t express marriage? Who chooses to be in business with someone who is obsessed with “groupies”? Have several seats and roll away in the mini van you rode in. Can you tell I can’t stand her? And that was it for this week.

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  1. Kash

    K Michelle makes me sick! She’s entirely too much and her yelling is very unnecessary. Same goes to Tracy. Hot friggin mess! Someone can’t have a life again because she’s the mother of his child? Yo but why did the “groupie” girl still come outside to watch the drama? Lol

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