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A Show You Should Be Watching – This Is Us

A Show You Should Be Watching – This Is Us 

Last month, I did a post on shows I was planning to check out and This Is Us was on the list and the show I was most looking forward to. One episode in, I was utterly and completely sold and reported back here that it was my favorite show of the season so far. I was so glad that it lived up to the hype I had given it in my head.

Without giving anything away, the simplest synopsis is how it follows the ups and downs of the lives of different people who happen to share the same birthday. If you haven’t watched the show, this is about all I can say without ruining it for you and if you have watched the show *wink wink* you already know.

The first episode had a huge twist at the end (yes, make sure you give it all your attention right to the very end) that set the tone for the show and so did the second episode actually. The twists in both episodes made me worry a bit that the show would rely heavily on the twist-gimmick and I wondered what it would be without me. They heard me and episode 3 was without a twist and was still a warm fudge brownie. I fell further in love.

Honestly, you might think I am exaggerating but watch it and report back to me. I told someone today that every time I am watching that show I always feel like a hundred warm bear hugs are going on inside my body. The writing is so good and manages to immerse you completely for the entire hour. I usually hate shows that have flashbacks but This Is Us does it so deftly that I don’t even notice. They have a theme in each episode and tie in the past and present very seamlessly.

With a cast comprising of Milo Ventigmilia, Mandy Moore and Sterling K Brown (fresh off his Emmy win from The People vs. OJ), who are so so good in their roles, everyone – including the supporting cast- brings their A game (special shout out to Susan Kelechi Watson who plays Randall’s wife, Beth and Chris Sullivan who plays Kate’s boyfriend, Toby).

The show has received  a lot of comparisons to another family drama, Parenthood which I think is a little unfair  because while I see why they are being compared, Parenthood had a healthy number of characters that were very annoying and so far I am still basking in the new love of This Is Us and I still want to snuggle up to everyone and noone annoys me – yet.

For anyone looking for a new show to start, this is one I strongly recommend. It is only 3 episodes in and easy to catch up on. Don’t forget – make sure you pay attention when you watch the pilot.

This Is Us airs 9pm Eastern time Tuesdays on NBC

Fun fact: Dan Fogelman, who created the show is also the creator of another new season fave, Pitch.

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