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Fan Fridays – Parenthood
Fan Friday

Fan Fridays – Parenthood 


When Tayne asked me to write about a show I am a huge fan of the first one that came to my mind was Parenthood. I love this show so much and if you follow me on Twitter, I am sure you know just how much. I started watching it just last year when I was experiencing some jetlag and Tayne recommended the show and since then I have been hooked! Parenthood is a show about the Braverman family and the everyday situations they find themselves in and how they handle what life throws at them.

I do not know exactly why I love this show but I think it has to do with how real the stories they tell are. It is not farfetched and it’s about things that can and will probably happen to me as a mum in the future. Its stories like trying to talk to your son about liking girls for the first time, or having to explain racism to your child who is mixed race. Dealing with a child with an incurable disease and just the general situations that life tends to throw at each one of us even as adults like having a baby when you weren’t planning on one!

My fave character on the show has to be Crosby Braverman. I think it is his story that speaks to me the most. Having a passion for something that you do not know how to make money from, but you need to learn how to turn that passion to money so you do not starve! Although he comes off as lazy sometimes, I think his passion for his work, his family and his too adorable relationship with Jabaar, his son makes me swoon so much!

All I am trying to say is watch this show! It teaches life lessons in such an amazing way. It teaches the importance of family and how to not take anyone for granted and it shows how in as much as we are all different and life can be hard, if we lean on each other, we can make this whole life thing bearable. I love Parenthood and they need to stop pulling at my heart strings every week!

Submitted by Lohi Toronto, Canada

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