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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Finale

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Finale 

Moniece and Rich are having lunch together and she lets us know that she doesn’t know what she was thinking asking Fizz if he had feelings because she realizes that Rich is the man for her and she is in love with him and will focus on him. Moniece forever extra says that the next step is to go ring shopping and Rich says he is ready to settle down so why not? Miles is hanging out with his high school friends and they are getting on him for not letting them know that he was gay. Overall, they are supportive of him and tell him they are proud of him.

We are shown Ray J’s new home as Princess drives in. Ray tells her that he got the house for both of them. Princess reminds him that they agreed to take things slow and be friends but Ray says that he wants her to know he is all in and had to do something big. Princess tells him that she loves him and he has to be on his best behavior. She tells him that she is willing to give him one more chance but she needs him to do one more thing to make her secure and she asks him to put the house in her name. Ray doesn’t even think about it and says it is time for him to bet on himself and she has proven that as long as you have her back she will be loyal to him. She agrees and the two share a kiss.

Rich is at a Fashion Week party where Nikki was at too. She decides it’s time to tell Richie about Moniece’s love declaration to Fizz because she thinks it was shady. She tells Rich that Moniece was in the video and apparently, Rich had no idea about it and tells him the full story. Rich, as expected did not take this well and felt she crossed the line. He says he is in love with her and she feels played and you can’t come back from that and the conversation ends. Omarion is performing with April by the DJ on stage? She lets us know she is proud of him but can’t help thinking that her career is being bypassed and she needs to keep reminding him.

Miles lets us know that his mom found out about his sexuality through someone else and that was hard for both of them. He is introducing them to Milan and is apologizing to them once again and tears up. Milan gets there and his family does not seem welcoming at all. They go straight to asking him what his aspirations are besides stripping. They get on him for taking risqué pics and tell him that he needs to hold on to his morals and values. He lets them know that his mom disowned him for being gay but then Miles sister gets krunk and says that if Milan rolls with Miles and he is for him then he needs to understand that they are looking out for him but it was said so angrily that I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Moniece is lip-syncing in the booth to a song that actually sounds nice and Rich accosts her in the studio. Moniece is oblivious and is cracking marriage jokes with Rich and Rich confronts her about what she said to Fizz and mentions that Nikki told him. Rich is so angry and keeps yelling at her and saying that it was not about him. He leaves in a rage and Moniece says she is in shock and will never forgive Nikki for this.

Milan is in the studio and his manager comes to talk to him. He recounts the whole experience of meeting Miles family. He tells her how the first person he came out to was his little brother at 9. He says his brother kept asking him why he wasn’t playing with him (he was 13) and he told him that he was different and he is gay and his brother goes “you are still my brother, so?” and to him that was a true definition of love and 4 years late his brother died and he decided to be true to himself.

Omarion and Apryl are on his tour bus and she brings up her career once again…honestly, it is getting old. Omarion suddenly stops the bus and tells her that they are at a music studio. Apryl is excited.

Because any excuse is an excuse for an event, Fizz is having a launch for his video and all the usual people are around. Moniece is in the building looking mad as a bulldog. She goes straight to Nikki and asks her if she heard anything. She tells her that she ran her mouth and cost her an engagement ring. Nikki tells her that she would never hate on her relationship. Moniece starts pointing at her and Nikki tells her to get her finger out her face. Chihuahua Brandi steps in from nowhere and throws a drink at Moniece. Security separates them and Nikki claps back and taunts Moniece and throws a drink at Fizz. Moniece is hot and runs up a railing to go beat up on Nikki. Fizz had to pull her down and expresses his disappointment at her behavior and asked why she had to act like a mad woman at his event.

Since it’s the finale:

  • Teairra realizes that it’s been a strange year and some of the choices she made could have been better. She says surgery made her feel more confident
  • Fizz is playing with his son and says Moniece has stepped up with their son and gives her credit and he is happy with business and his son
  • Moniece says she is heartbroken and she will continue ahead with her music
  • Brandi and Max are in a good place and she says he will be there for her always
  • Miles and Milan are walking hand in hand in public as Milan lets us know it’s been the toughest year of his life.
  • Amber in her skimpy clothes is performing to people pretending to like her music and she tells us she will keep her head high for her daughter
  • Princess says in spite of their problems, she loves Ray and he is trying so why would she let him go. Ray echoes her sentiments. He says he wants her to trust him so when she looks into his eyes he sees their future and the season ends with Ray opening a ring box to Princess.

Well…that ends the season. Thank you for reading week after week!

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