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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 10

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 10 


Karlie and Erica are meeting up for manis. Karlie asks Erica about O’Shay and Erica tells her about how his financial difficulties were an issue and how they are over. She also tells her that Mimi told her that Althea or Ho-thea as everyone else calls her, was at Stevie’s house in just a towel one of the times they had to switch with the child they share. Karlie in turn tells her that Joselyn also told her that Althea had been with Nicko. They contemplate whether Stevie and Althea are still sleeping together or if it was in the past. Karlie says Joselyn will flip her lid if she finds out and Erica is like she should know “hos recognize hos”. Karlie tells us that it’s not about being messy but she has to tell Joselyn as if the tables were turned she’d expect the same from her.

Rasheeda is with her mom going over the family pictures that they took. Kirk is meeting up with them so they can try to make peace. Kirk says he can admit he was wrong but Rasheeda’s mom needs to take blame for some of the things she had done. He asks her to meet him half way and Rasheeda’s mom refuses. Rasheeda “conveniently” decides to go to the rest room. Rasheeda’s mom says that she loves Kirk as much as she loves her daughter. She says she wants them to mend their marriage and for things to get things on track he needs to throw an “I’m sorry” party. Kirk says that that was the dumbest thing he had ever heard – I agree. He does agree to the party and when she says “material things don’t matter”, he picks up her sunglasses and asks her if these are Chanel? She says yes and he proceeds to twist, bend and break them and throws them on the table and asks “that doesn’t matter?”

Karlie and Joselyn are working out together. She tells us that she hasn’t heard from Stevie since he went to be with Benzino. She also tells her what she found on his phone “4 different booty holes and pussy cats”. She said she decided to forgive him and informs Karlie that Benzino’s mom died. Karlie uses the opportunity to tell Joselyn that Althea and Stevie had a thing. Joselyn was like the fact that this is coming from Mimi she has to question it because she knows that Mimi still wants Joselyn but she will get to the bottom of it especially since Stevie says he’d never seen Althea before.

Deb and Tammy – who I think secretly doesn’t like Deb but is too much of a mouse, are talking and Deb tells her that she is not into planning a big wedding anymore since the death of her son. Tammy said she is relieved and she never wanted anything big. Man, I still can’t see the purpose of these people on this show. They play us a clip of Benzino driving up to Boston – it’s the same clip from last week, so I guess he was still driving. Then we cut to the local news where we are informed that Benzino was shot. We see Althea with him at the hospital and it looked like a scene that was reshot. I gotta say that’s pretty cold to shoot a man at his mom’s funeral. Benzino decides that he doesn’t care about everything and he connected with Althea and he loves her and that’s all that matters to him. Stevie walks in like a well-dressed thief in a suit and beanie. He tells Stevie that he knows what happened. Stevie says whatever Benzino THINKS he knows, now is not the time to talk. I dunno, Benzino seems to really love Stevie and he can do no wrong.

In this week’s “person in the studio”, Rasheeda is rapping with Kalenna at the helm. Somehow, Karlie is there too. Rasheeda brings them up to speed about her relationship. Karlie says she got a text that says that Benzino got shot. Mimi invites Nicko over to see if Nicko “will be honest about their convo”. Nicko, sleazy as ever tells Mimi that he has a preview of the tape. Mimi asks him if he has seen the tape, he goes “I’ve seen it 5 times” ughh. He asks her why she is being so uptight and it’s a “tattoo that can’t be erased” and they legally made the decision together. Mimi continues to insist that she is feeling some type of way as Nicko is smirking.

Dry couple, Tammy and Wacka are at dinner. He tells her that he doesn’t want a big wedding and he just wants to go to court and he believes a wedding is like a gimmick. He is not into gimmicks, he is into facts. Joc and Kirk are trying to meet up with Scrappy. He gives them an update on his woman troubles, except he keeps referring to women as “bitch”. They tell him he needs to keep his mom out his life and Scrappy says “she’s not going no wiz-nay-yee”. Scrappy now says he misses Bambi. What is wrong with this dude?? Joc nails it and says Scrappy is the worst when it comes to relationship and he only misses the sex.

Scrappy is standing outside of Bambi’s house with a puppy and tells us that he has been calling and texting and she hasn’t responded. She tells him that she does miss him but she doesn’t miss the drama. She asks if his friendships are over. And they get into some back and forth conversation that has me dizzy. He asks her for a kiss and she grudgingly gives him one. He even asks her if they are going to have sex. To her credit she says no and he’d have to take her on a gang of dates. Stevie and Benzino are talking and Benzino goes how Althea has been there for him. Benzino brings it up again that he wants to put what happened behind them. Stevie insists that they hung out a little bit but they never smashed.

Stevie and Joselyn are talking. Stevie did damage control and said that Benzino kept talking about him and Althea. Joselyn asks him why he is lying and the bad part is that he did it while they were together. He tells her he has been faithful to her. Joselyn says she is going to beat the crap out of Althea and walks away.

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