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The Mindy Project Recap: Season 3 Episode 12

The Mindy Project Recap: Season 3 Episode 12 

She’s back!

Mindy is all set to start her fellowship at Stanford with Danny by her side. Whatever tension there was before the break, Danny seems to be playing the supportive boyfriend. As Mindy burst into one of the rooms, she is greeted by Neepa, an older Indian woman. Danny thinks she’s Hispanic and starts speaking to her in Spanish.  And then Mindy makes an adult comment in front of her son. What a great first impression.

Danny sees a flyer for a kickoff BASH hosted by Mindy’s professor, Dr. Robert Gurgler, and notices that the professor is his old med school friend. He offers to put in a good word for her, but she doesn’t want his help, wanting to do it on her own. She did accept his thousand dollars in travelers checks though.

Later on, Morgan wakes up Danny at five in the morning to see if he could make it back in time for practice for the hospital’s basketball tournament; their team name, Morgan’s Best Friends. Tamra tries to flirt with Morgan, but he doesn’t seem to see her that way anymore.

Mindy, dressed like the Indian Kardashian version of Elle Woods, shows up to the BASH late. Turns out BASH stands for Beginning of Academic Scholarship Hangout. Another not so great first impression, Dr. Gurgler calls her Medically Blonde. A Legally Blonde reference if you didn’t get that.

Danny offers again to put in a good word for, but she refuses again. When Mindy tries to fix things with her professor the next day, she just makes it worse. So she gives in and tells him that she is dating Danny. And then agrees to have a double date with him and his wife.

When Danny tells Morgan he can’t make the game, Tamra gets Peter to take Danny’s place by appealing to his white guilt, “as an at-risk youth, this basketball program is really the only thing I have keeping me off the streets.”

At the dinner, Danny does his best to get Dr. Gurgler to come around to Mindy, suggesting he take her to Alcatraz. When Mindy ask what that is, Dr. Gugler’s wife Barb says “it’s the world’s most famous marriage, I mean prison.” Barb, unhappy in her marriage, is turned on by Danny’s love for Mindy. So turned on that she starts caressing him with her foot. Danny thinks it’s Mindy, and lets it happen.

At the Morgan’s Best Friends practice, Tamra asks Morgan to have dinner, but he tells her he’s hanging out with Jessica as Jessica walks in. Tamra, not knowing about Jessica, flips out and quits.  “I’m out there hugging barefoot ass Appalachian kids, meanwhile you’re dating a Jerssica,” referring to her time away on her humanitarian trip.

While they are eating dessert, Barb goes to town on Danny with her foot; to completion. At the same time, Dr. Gurgler has changed his mind about Mindy, and invites her to assist on his upcoming surgery. After dinner, Danny thanks Mindy for her “fancy footwork” under the table. They get into a fight back at her room, and Danny decides to leave after admitting he didn’t think she could do the fellowship on her own.

At the basketball tournament, Jeremy has replaced Tamra. And Tamra has created her own team, Morgan’s Worst Nightmare, with TJ and Dr. King, aka Lisa Simpson. Both really good players, Morgan’s Worst Nightmare quickly takes the lead.

When Mindy runs into Neepa working at a fast food place, Neepa says she doesn’t like her because “all you spoiled second generations care about are sex positions and nail art.”

Morgan gives the worst pep talk and wants to quit, while Tamra is channeling Bobby Knight. Seeing how crazy Tamra is being, Peter pulls her aside to talk to her. Thinking she wouldn’t be honest about the real reason she was so into the game, Peter calls her out. She wants Morgan to notice her, so she figures beating him would make him take notice. But he suggests she let it go if she wants to get over Morgan.

Mindy sees Dr. Gurgler in the morning, and he is chipper because he and his wife almost had sex. Seeing how happy he was and how nice he was being to her, she decides to tell him what happened at dinner. Devastated, he rides off on his bike-car and gets hit by a security cart.

As Mindy stitches Dr. Gurgler up, she sets him straight about who she is. “I know I didn’t come from another country, but I had to sacrifice a lot too. Like Neepa or Pramood or Gamorra or Groot or Rocket the raccoon,” she digresses. He decides that since he can’t do the surgery Mindy should.

Tamra let’s Morgan make a winning shot, and seems a little bit better about it. She is even better when TJ asks her out.  Maybe King Bach will be on the show for awhile.

Instead of doing the surgery, Mindy let’s Neepa do it because she felt she deserved it. After the surgery, Mindy is startled by Danny sleeping in her bed. They make up and Mindy is ready to do the fellowship on her own.

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  1. neuyogi

    My fav line was mindy saying something like: how could you think that was me, you know my feet are like talons and would tear you to shreds. Lmao!

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