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My Thoughts on Some Netflix Original Shows…[Part 2]

My Thoughts on Some Netflix Original Shows…[Part 2] 

In case you missed it, I had written earlier about my thoughts on some Netflix Original shows. You can read it here . This is the second (and final) part of my thoughts.

Chef’s Table: Brought to us by the same director who gave us the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi (I strongly recommend this)This 6-episode documentary follows 6 different chefs from different places around the world (The U.S, Argentina, Italy, Sweden and Australia) and shows how they become some of the top rated chefs in the world. It really isn’t so much about their food but their point of view when it comes to food. It shows the hard work and determination that got them to where they are now. All 6 chefs are very different and makes for a delightful journey through different minds. They definitely picked interesting chefs as some were really out there. By all accounts, I should have loved this show as I love documentaries and shows about cooking but I only liked it enough. I can’t tell you why exactly. That being said, I would recommend it.

Sense 8: So I am going to try and do my best to explain this show as it can be quite confusing. So, Sense8 is a play on the word “sensate” which means aware and is what the 8 main characters are (there are different clusters of them around the world but they all come in 8’s). In the beginning we see a woman in immense pain, trying to protect a new cluster being created, for some reason she has to die for it – that I am still not sure about. Anyways, when she does, we meet the new cluster of 8 who are scattered around the world. As a sensate, you are all now connected and you feel and almost become any of the 8. For example, if one is eating indian food, another might have their coffee taste like indian food. If one is in danger, another might feel fear even if they aren’t. They also get the sensation of being in their country or location and can speak to each other.

I totally wasn’t going to watch this show as I am not really into sci-fi but it sucked me in so fast. I absolutely loved it. Now, I didn’t love it for it’s brilliance. It was solely for its enjoyment factor. It’s like the love child of first season of Heroes + the bad seasons of Lost (yes, I said bad seasons of Lost). Now, it’s partly produced by the Wachowski team (The Matrix). If you didn’t know, one of the brothers transitioned into a woman and I don’t know if that is why there was a heavy focus on the LGBT community. There is a transgender actress and a gay character. So be prepared for lots of gay sex and one orgy scene. Critics didn’t like this show and people either love or hate it. I liked it a lot and I recommend it but if you try it and it doesn’t work for you,don’t force it.

(Gosh, this was long)

What Happened, Miss Simone?: Great documentary about legendary jazz artist, Nina Simone. The doc gives us great insight into her tumultuous life and her rise to fame. I liked this because it came across as authentic. It included actual footage and recordings of her in interviews and her journal entries. It also had her daughter, ex husband and other notable people giving commentary throughout the movie. I recommend.


Okay, I feel like I have said too much so I will quickly touch on the returning shows:

House of Cards (Season 3): I liked this season. I heard a lot of complaints about it and understand that it was slower than previous seasons but I think it’s a set up for next season. I mean, last season was way too easy for the Underwoods they had to face opposition at some time. I think the only unbelievable thing was Claire’s behavior. Seemed very uncharacteristic of that.

Orange is the New Black (Season 3): Again, another season that I liked even more than Season 2. This season delved more into the background of each character and I was so impressed by how they kept a fluid storyline that involved everyone and still had me interested in the 3rd season.



Okay I am done for real! Do you like anything on here? Are there any shows that you’d like to hear my opinion on?



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  1. Originalmgbeke

    I feel like I won’t like Sense 8 but will definitely give it a shot.

  2. jubekwe

    Thanks for the sense8, saw the 1st episode and gave up, yea. It gave the heroes vibe too, it’s why I wanted to see it, but I couldn’t make sense of it. Maybe I’ll try later. Currently watching The Killing.
    love this season of OITNB, and house of cards. Saw like 2 episodes of chefs table, It was okay. There’s a documentary I saw, especially since you like documntaries( you may have seen it) about teens on death row.

  3. jubekwe

    *Life sentence not death row.

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