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My Thoughts So Far On #RunTheWorld

My Thoughts So Far On #RunTheWorld 

Run the World - Starz Series - Where To Watch

Ever since the end of shows like Sex and the City and Girlfriends, there have been many replicas with the same 4 girlfriends format (Yep, it always has to be 4 friends). For black people, we are already fighting for shows on TV, but the pickings are so slim that we are willing to consume anything we are given, even it is as terrible as Sistas.

Run The World is the newest iteration airing on Starz. The half hour series features 4 friends in Harlem – Whitney, Ella, Renee and Sondi. They are all in their 30’s and all would qualify for a “it’s complicated” relationship status.

  • Whitney (Amber Stevens) is the perfectionist engaged to a Nigerian-American doctor but worries that she is settling down too soon
  • Ella (the oh so gorgeous, Andrea Bordeaux) is the creative starting over who can’t shake off her ex who ended things badly
  • Renee (Bresha Webb) – is the party girl of the group who is in the middle of a divorce
  • Sondi (Corbin Reid) – is a student in a relationship with her professor who is a single dad

5 of the 8 episode series have aired and while I am beginning to ease into it, I am not quite eased in. All the elements for a good show are in and yet the show still is off to me. It wasn’t till the last two episodes that I think I figured out what the issue was?

I think I settled on the cast chemistry. I don’t think all four women necessarily gel together. I think Ella and Sondi are great casting. I am iffy on Renee but I definitely think Whitney, especially as the central friend, is the weakest link. This lack of chemistry spills into the show because despite the show having good plot material, they still seem like they are feeling each other out and getting to know their roles.

The great Yvette Lee Bowser is a show producer on this show and I had to look up if there were any Nigerian connects (I didn’t find any) because the Nigerian references are heavy and I am curious about the choice to make Whitney’s fiance, Ola Nigerian (not that I am complaining)

Like I mentioned earlier, as the plot unfolds and we meet more characters, I am beginning to warm up to the show. I enjoy the introduction of Ella’s “Big”, Anderson and Whitney’s mom, in the last episode. I hope they get more settled into their roles and that the show gets picked up for a second season.

Do you watch the show? What do you think?

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