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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 14

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 14 

Kirk and Rasheeda pick up from when her mom ran over his bike. Kirk continues to be a jackass and tries to make it seem like it is Rasheeda’s fault. He says that she is the one who told him to leave and he didn’t really enjoy it, he is not trying to mess with “dem broads”. She mentions divorce and Kirk and his insincere apologies says that he is trying to apologize and she is yelling and he doesn’t know if it’s worth proving that he loves her. Erica and Mimi are playing golf and talking about Erica’s incident with Momma Dee. She says how she is done with Scrappy and Mimi says when you have a kid, unfortunately you can’t cut him off and she tells her how Stevie gives her stuff with strings attached. She tells Erica that she is having a boob job and if she cant fix somebody, she can fix herself.

Joselyn walks in to meet Stevie in a cute black dress and says she has a surprise for Stevie. She gets all emotional as Stevie looks at her funny. She whips out wads of cash to him, saying it’s her half for a Puerto Rico trip so she can do her video. Oh, she also had a ticket for the next morning. Stevie says he has his connects and after the shoot, he would need champagne, magnums and himself. Mimi and Stevie meet up and Stevie tells her that she is going to Puerto Rico to shoot a few videos and Mimi said, “porn?”- haha. Stevie asks her if she is not happy for him and doesn’t she enjoy the money Joselyn makes for him? Sigh. Mimi says she would be a fool to shut the gravy train down, as she is enjoying the money Joselyn is bringing in too. Stevie then gives her the money Joselyn gave him. This really bothered me. Like Stevie is trifling but this??? Mimi, per usual takes the money and says she will use it for herself.

Scrappy gave a press conference announcing his journey to rehab. First of all, who the hell cares about Scrappy? He hasn’t had a record in…I can’t even remember. His lawyer pats him on the back and says he did well…something that he should be doing on his own. Stevie and Joselyn land in Puerto Rico and they talk about their childhood and how they didn’t have shoes. Joselyn thinks back to her rough childhood and it brings up memories that make her unhappy and wishing she had a different life. Joselyn breaks down and is crying. Stevie says he got her and that he loves her and is her family. I don’t get this man. I honestly can’t tell if he cares for her or not. Rasheeda is going through the blogs and sees Kirk on there with different women. Rasheeda says she can’t take the public humiliation with pictures of other women on his crotch. Kirk says it would be rude to say no when people ask to take pictures with him (Who wants Kirk’s picture??). Rasheeda says she doesn’t want to ruin her brand and she has to protect herself and she has filed for an official separation. Kirk the Bastard, says he knows he fucked up but he didn’t do anything “too bad” and “Rasheeda should go back to drawing board and learn how to love her husband”. Sigh. This drama is giving me a headache.

Erica and Mimi go to the hospital for a consultation for her breast lift. She tells Erica about the money. The plastic surgeon walks in looking like he was cast for the part and he asks why she wants it. She tells us for the 100th time that she nursed for 3 years. Scrappy and Erica meet up and he tells her about rehab. Erica wonders why she should care. Scrappy says he knows he has been a bad seed in her life and all the things she has been through with his mom. Erica breaks down and starts crying. Scrappy continues to apologize and say he really loves her and it hurts to see the way she looks at him. Scrappy says that he wants her to reconsider marrying him from the time he goes in to when he comes out. Erica says she wants to believe him but she doesn’t know why she should.

Kirk is still whining about whatever to Benzino over a game of pool. Somehow, his story to Benzino was different from what I heard Rasheeda say but who’s checking. Benzino basically says Kirk is screwed. He says he will apologize and will get her a whip, bags and shoes. Benzino chimes in and says he should get a whip filled with bags and shoes. I have a headache, guys. I really do. Joseline and Stevie are on location for her video, as she tells us how she is grateful for Stevie and how far he has brought her. They start shooting the video and I don’t know if I am listening to actual music or the Mario Nintendo game soundtrack. Honestly, I couldn’t find the beat and I don’t know what Joselyn was doing in the ocean, writhing around like an exorcism was going on. Mimi gets her boobs done…and I tuned out while she was yacking some stuff.

Karlie and Benzino meet up and he happened to be watching his new video for “Smashed the homie” as he smoked a hookah. There was a Joselyn look alike in the video and even Karlie thought it was her. I am still not sure what the point of it was but…anyways Karlie says she had something to ask him. With the colored contacts in her eyes, she fluttered her lashes and said she went to the doctor. I thought she was going to say she was pregnant, till I remembered she is old and that won’t work. She tells Benzino that her breasts are leaking. Benzino asks what she wants her to do, she tells him he could “support her financially” Sigh. These women…are…I have no words. Benzino agrees and they kiss…sigh again. Oh we get a sneak peek of Joselyn admiring the ring she bought for Stevie as she stares at the ocean on the balcony in a bathing suit, the wind blowing behind her.

She takes a walk on the beach with Stevie and she tells him they should make things happen and she wants to be with him forever and make money with him forever, so she got him a gift. She brings out the ring box and proposes to him. Stevie asks, “Whats this?” and “I don’t get what you’re asking?” She says, I want you to marry me. And so, ended the episode. Season finale is next week guys, whatever shall I do with my Mondays? 🙁


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  1. ladykash

    Sigh. Joselyn, Joselyn. I don’t even understand what is wrong with her this season. Her desperation with marrying Stevie is ridiculous. Idk if she really wants us to take her seriously. I’m beginning to really not like Mimi. Very annoying somebody.

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